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Dear HCC



Eating breakfast this morning I pressed my fork into a cherry tomato and the sucker squirted all over my clean white T-shirt! Has this ever happened to you? So annoying!


This got me thinking about something else.


When I used to arrive at the workshop in my overall jacket and accidentally spilled something on it, it didn’t produce the same annoyance. Why? Because that’s what overalls are for.


This illustrates what happened to us when we exchanged our filthy garments for Christ’s righteousness. He got what I deserved (dirty overall), so that I could get what he deserved (clean white shirt)


Our minds desperately need to be renewed to this truth. We need a ‘righteousness-consciousness’ to replace a ‘sin-consciousness’.


You see, when you have a ‘dirty overall’ mentality about your standing before God, you will behave consistent with that image. We are comfortable to merely wipe the cherry-tomato juice off with a rag, and not give it another thought.


This is why we need to continually renew our minds to the truth of the gospel. God made Jesus, who knew no sin to be sin, so that we can become the righteousness of Christ, ‘In Him’. Wow! this truth will transform your life!


The old testament priest didn’t examine the sinner who was bringing the offering. No, he examined the offering! In the same way, Jesus was examined and found spotless. He kept the law perfectly and lived the life we never could. He did it for us and as us.


When we put our faith in Him, we are co-crucified, co-buried and co-resurrected. And now we are “In Christ”– seated in heavenly places!


So, you have to make a choice: Do I want to rely on my performance (dirty overall), or Christ’s perfect performance (white garment)?


Having our minds renewed (repent), in this regard, will make the difference between just accepting the sin-juice that gets squirted on your dirty overall throughout the day, or saying to sin, “I’m not like that anymore”; “‘In Christ’, I am better than that!”; “I am a new creation, and that’s not my new nature”.


God the Father looks at you ‘In Christ’ as a new creation– Spotless and righteous! And nothing is ever going to change that reality! Why would you want to be anything less!


Go and enjoy your day meditating on this Good News!






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