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Dear HCC

I invite you to pray the following prayer with me….


“Father God, I feel so privileged to spend this day in your Presence. I know nothing takes you by surprise, because you are already in my future. Thank-you that you can work everything in my life for the good.


There are so many things clamoring for my attention. And at times I feel suffocated by the pressures of life…. But I know this… nothing, NOTHING, NOOOTTTHINNNGG… will ever separate me from YOUR LOVE. And today I CHOSE to live satisfied and content in your LOVE for me.


Help me to life a life of communion with you that is as effortless and natural as breathing. I will pause from time-to-time during the day and become conscious of my own breathing… and let this remind me of Your Spirit at work in me– leading me into truth, imparting wisdom for the task at hand, bringing YOUR WORDS to remembrance, strengthening me.


Lord, I’m not only coming to you to GET something, but I’m coming to You to just BE with you and enjoy your Presence.


In your Presence there is peace; in your Presence there is joy; in Your Presence there is security.




When anxiety comes knocking on my hearts door, I will hand the burden over to you– no matter how BIG or small.


Nothing is too difficult for You!


I give You thanks RIGHT NOW… right here… in this situation….


I know you are in control.





Blessings and love


Steve and Janet


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