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Dear HCC family,


If Jesus stood in front of you… and gave an INSTRUCTION…how seriously would you consider it?

Well, this is exactly what He did to those following him.

He told them, “The fields is ripe to harvest”… and NOW is the time!

Don’t think you have to wait… and wait… for a time in the distant future for this to happen… the TIME is right here!.. right now!

In the context of this promise, Jesus gave the instruction:  “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field”.

The PROPHETIC WORD to the Church is that THE GREATEST HARVEST OF SOULS is about to take place!! Get ready to disciples them! Get ready to bring them into the community of believers where they can be ESTABLISHED, EQIPPED AND EMPOWERED!

These are going to be RADICAL BELIEVERS who are fully devoted to FOLLOW Jesus, FISH for the lost and stay in FELLOWSHIP with the believers.

This harvest of souls begins when we humble ourselves and call on His name in prayer – Not because we have to twist His arm, but because this is the way He’s decreed to partners with us.

He is waiting….

We should be praying….

To this end, I am imploring that our church make praying for the harvest a priority.

I am asking for our small group and prayer meetings to make this a priority.

I am inviting you to join us for a SUNDAY PRE-SERVICE prayer time in the Mothers Room from 8:15-9:15 (I understand people have other responsibilities on Sunday morning and can’t always get to this time) but when you who can…

I believe this is essential in our partnership with The Lord of the Harvest to see a HARVEST OF SOULS brought into His Kingdom.

God bless,

Steve and Janet



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