James Preston

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James Preston

James Preston

Associate Pastor

James was born in Guidlford, Surrey in the United Kingdom to a Scottish-English father and a South African mother. After 6 years of a good upbringing in the English countryside, his parents decided to leave two very good jobs, escape the grey gloom of the UK and head into the midst of civil unrest in South Africa’s transformational years in 1991. They moved to South Africa’s 2nd largest city, and Africa’s largest port, Durban, where he has lived ever since. Here he met his wife Corinne and the call of Africa now pulsates through his veins. There is nowhere else quite like it.

Based on his Twitter profile, here’s some more helpful details about James. This will also give you good insight into why James tweets what he tweets...

A Pastor with a difference
James and his wife Corinne are ordained pastors at a thriving church in Durban called Highway Christian Community. He has worked as a minister there on a full-time basis since 2006, where he has had the immense privilege of leading people into their destiny as they reconnect with their Life-source, Jesus Christ. James believes Christianity is about being the person God created you to be. James was created wild and passionate. That makes him somewhat of a non-conformist pastor. A pastor with a difference as some have labeled him.

Unconditionally Loved by the Creator
After serving in his local church for years, James had an encounter with the Living God that transformed his entire life. God showed him how much he is loved. With such knowledge, James would never be the same again. He realised that living a full life (as Jesus promised) is not about trying to love God with all your strength, but about letting God love you with everything that He is (1 John 4:19). James has a passion to see people liberated from works-based righteousness and come into the same revelation he had, that of God’s unconditional Love and Grace for them.

James loves his Wife and Son
In May 2006, James married his teenage sweetheart, Corinne Rafferty (now Preston). They continue to fall crazily in love with each other and are truly best friends forever. In April 2012 they had the overwhelming blessing of welcoming their firstborn into the world; Joel, who they both adore with all that they are.

James loves Life, Africa and Sport
James is one of the most passionate people you will meet. He is opinionated (sometimes too much so) and his passion comes through often in defense of these opinions. If he enjoys something, he enjoys it passionately. Whether it is a good meal, a good movie, or good conversation topic. James was raised with a love for the environment and its wild inhabitants. This has translated into a passion for one of the world’s wildest continents, Africa and its wide open spaces and brilliant beasts. James is a sport fanatic. Having a British father means Soccer is his first love, but living in Durban for so long has made Rugby a close second. South Africans love their Cricket, so that is also high on the priority list. Golf, tennis, swimming and other such sports also interest him. You will find him tweeting about these and his beloved sports teams with consistency.

Radio Personality
James has been involved in radio since he was 12 years old when he made his first demo tape for Durban’s No.1 Radio Station. He spent 11 years at Durban’s top Christian radio station from 2001 - 2012 where he hosted the daily breakfast show, afternoon drive show, the Top 20, as well as serving as Production Manager and Creative Director. Today he continues to do freelance Voice Over work for South Africa’s top media companies, and has moved his love for radio to cyberspace where he hosts a Christian leadership podcast at www.sonicsubstance.com

James is a visionary. He sees opportunity, and takes risks when such opportunity arises. James’ company, King’s Domain Enterprises, is in its early days but has already made its mark by starting both a publishing house and an advertising agency. The purpose of the enterprise and its subsidiaries is to enrich people’s lives, from the greatest to the humblest, by serving them with revolutionary products and services.

The Earth is fragile and in need of responsible stewardship. The effects of human greed and selfishness are taking its toll. While James much prefers to focus on the good in this world, the reality is there is much in need of fixing. James believes every human being on the planet has a responsibility to look after each other and see the injustices of this world eradicated. His aim is to train leaders across the spectrum, from the marketplace to the pulpit, to live with a genuine concern for our world, show them how they can change it, and implement structures within their spheres of influence to get started.


You can download his sermons here.


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