Healing Forum 2020

Modern life is fast and stressful and so often we succumb to sickness and disease. What is our first response? To this challenge – do we immediately make an appointment with our doctor or do we pray first? Too often, even among mature Christians, we have more faith in doctors and hospitals than in Jesus who paid for a better way for us to find health and healing. We invite you to explore His wonderful healing promises with us for about two hours in a relaxed and informal setting in the HCC coffee area from 9-11am.
Please come and join us if:• You have a testimony of divine healing to share.• You’ve learnt how to keep healthy naturally.• You are challenged in your health and need help.• You can’t afford Medical Aid and need to get onto God’s Divine Medical Plan.• The medical profession has failed you and you’re still sick. • You’re looking for an alternative to drugs and surgery. • You know someone who is in one of the above categories and want to help them.
The Forum is open to everyone so come, bring a friend, and receive from the wealth of knowledge and experience that the Lord has blessed the HCC community.

Dates for the Healing Forums in 2019 are as follows:-

8 & 22 Feb; 14 & 28 March; 4 & 25 April; 9 & 23rd May; 6 & 20 June; 11 & 25 July; 15 & 29 Aug; 5 & 19th September; 10 & 24 October; 7 & 21 November; 5th December 2020.


These are some important notices for those interested in Highway Christian Community's ministry: