Week 3- Our Identity




This follows on from the teaching around Rom 5 & 6, and 1 Cor 15 on the next page and is a conclusion to the Adam vs Jesus comparison.


After reading these verses  – Col 1:15 – 23, 2Cor  5:17 and Acts 17:28, please answer the following:


Question 1: Is the following statement about believers true…why do you say this?

I am just a forgiven sinner saved by grace.


Question 2: Why is this comparison between Adam and Jesus so important for our identity


Our Identity (Our new creation reality).

Lets start with two questions:

What is the worst news you have ever heard… and what is the best news you have ever heard?

Paul gives one of the most powerful revelations in Rom 5 & 6, and 1 Cor 15, that Jesus is the last Adam! In the same way Adam brought death into this world (the worst news ever), Jesus, so much more, brought Eternal Life to those who receive it (the best news ever)! If we do not understand our identify, we do not understand our purpose, and we cannot step into our inheritance.

If you see yourself as a failure, you will not be able to boldly exercise your authority in Christ because you will feel unworthy (even after the Blood of Christ has made you worthy). If you claim to be unworthy after the Blood of Christ has made you worthy, then you are denying the work of Christ in your life!


The first man Adam (1 Cor.15:45)

Fell to Satan’s lies around his and God’s identity (Gen 3:1)


The last Adam (1 Cor.15:45)

Resisted Satan temptation around His and God’s identity (Mat 4:1)

“Was made a living soul” (1 Cor.15:45)
(Adam was given life-Gen. 2:7).
“Was made a quickening spirit” (1 Cor.15:45)
(Christ gives life-John 5:21,25; 6:33 etc.).
“Natural” (1 Cor.15:46) ORIGIN–“of the earth” (1 Cor.15:47) “Spiritual” (1 Cor.15:46) ORIGIN–“from heaven” (1 Cor.15:47)
Men reflect Adam (Cor.15:49 and see Gen. 5:3). – Good” works can’t change our nature Saved men can and shall reflect Christ (1 Cor.15:49 and see Col. 3:10; Eph.4:24; Rom.8:29; 2 Cor.3:18; 1 John 3:2; etc.). – “Bad” works can’t change our nature
“Dead in Adam” (1 Cor.15:22) – We inherited a sinful nature “Alive in Christ” (1 Cor.15:22) – We are imputed with His nature
Adam was a representative man (Romans 5), and he acted on behalf of the whole human race. Christ was a representative man (Romans 5), and He acted on behalf of the whole human race.
Adam performed one act which had tremendous consequences.

We sin because we are sinners, we aren’t sinners because we sin.

Christ performed one act which had even greater consequences.

We do right because we are righteous; we are not righteous because we do right.

Adam’s act was a sinful act (Rom.5:12, 15,16,17,18). Christ‘s act was a righteous act (Rom.5:18–“the righteous act”–see NASB).
Adam’s act was an act of disobedience, in eating the forbidden fruit (Rom.5:19; and see Gen 2:17; 3:6). Christ’s act was an act of obedience, in dying on the cross (Romans 5:19 and see Phil.2:8).
Here is what Adam’s one act produced:

DEATH ( Rom.5:12,14,15)
JUDGMENT (Rom.5:16,18)
CONDEMNATION (Rom.5:16,18)

Here is what Christ’s one act produced:

LIFE (Rom.5:17,18,21)
GRACE (Rom.5:15,17,20,21)
JUSTIFICATION (Rom.5:16,18,19)
RIGHTEOUSNESS (Rom.5:17,19,21)
REIGNING (Rom.5:17; compare verse.21)


WE are a NEW Creation!

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