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Steve and Janet Wheeler Save souls, make disciples, and release leaders through the church to advance the Kingdom
Steve and Janet Wheeler

Welcome to Highway Christian Community

Our vision: Save souls, make disciples, and release leaders through the church to advance the Kingdom

Where our vision is not just a statement but a calling. At Highway, we are on a mission to save souls, make disciples, and release leaders who will passionately advance the Kingdom through the transformative power of our church. Get to know the dedicated individuals behind the vision, each committed to steering our community toward greater spiritual heights. Join us in this journey of faith, growth, and leadership as we illuminate the path to a brighter, Kingdom-filled future together.

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant history of Highway Christian Community

A dynamic community that traces its roots back to the Video Churches of Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria. Picture this: from its humble beginnings as a group of 50 gathering in a garage in Westville in 1988, HCC has evolved into a thriving congregation with a rich tapestry of leadership.

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The narrative unfolds with Ps Ed Roebert leading the charge, and the baton passing to Herman and Joy Basson in 1988. Despite facing the challenges of an unfortunate loss in 1992, the spirit of resilience prevailed as Greg and Michelle took the helm. Under Greg Haswell’s visionary leadership, our community not only expanded but also ventured into the airwaves with the launch of the Highway radio station (101.5 FM).

In the tapestry of our journey, the pivotal year of 1996 introduces Steve and Janet Wheeler, who have been at the forefront, steering the ship since Greg Haswell’s relocation to the USA in 1999. The Wheelers, hailing from Springs, were originally sent by Word of Life Church to study in Pretoria at Hatfield Bible College. Their profound journey, from serving under Ps. Ed Roebert to assuming leadership at HCC is a testament to their deep roots in the community.

Steve, armed with an MTh in Theology, and Janet, embody the heart of HCC’s growth and transformation. The year 2008 marked a significant turning point when our church experienced a powerful revelation of the Message of Grace, influenced by the teachings of luminaries such as Rob Rufus, Joseph Prince, Andrew Womack, and others. Rob Rufus, at the helm of the international apostolic team, Inres360, serves as a guiding force for us as we continue to unfold the boundless potential of grace in our spiritual journey.

Join us as we delve into the captivating chapters of HCC’s story – a tale of growth, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to the transformative power of grace.”

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