Christmas for the Homeless

December 17th 2018 to January 4th 2019


Over the month of December / January all the feeding schemes close. HCC church then runs a feeding scheme for that period. We will be feeding on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 7:00am to 8:30am.

We give the homeless a bowl of porridge, cup of coffee and 4 slices of bread with a spread. On the 24th December and 31st December we would like to give them a lunch. Last year we averaged  180 homeless people a day over that period. What we are needing to make this all possible are the following food items:-

  1. Sugar 11 x 10kg
  2. Maise Meal 3 x 10kg
  3. Butter spread 11 x 1 kg Tubs
  4. Rama 10 x 1kg Blocks
  5. Coffee 2 x Big Tins
  6. Milk 102 liters
  7. Bread 680 Loaves – 35-40 loaves a day
  8. Peanut Butter
  9. Jam
  10. Polony
  11. Security R800


If you would like to assist in any way whether financially, supplying food or your time please email: – reference HC Craers

Any donations can be made to the account on the GET INVOLVED PAGE and please reference it HC Cares and your name

Having this time to share and bring dignity to people who need it – blessed us more. We realize there are many people who have a love for the lost. Having this opportunity to share the love of Christ and be his hands and feet to the homeless in Pinetown has also shown us the immense need for the communities help. Make a difference this Christmas and get involved.



Water Tank Project 

We are collecting money for the Water Tank Project. HCC has partnered with us in our vision to bring change. HCC are based right near a taxi rank and many of the homeless people are walking about 2 km to get water to wash the taxis for a fee. We want to install JoJo tanks for Rain Water Harvesting for internal use as well as assisting the homeless who wash the taxi’s. In return we believe we will get them to start keeping their area clean. This all takes time and relationship building.


Shelter in Pinetown

We are looking for a building that will provide a shelter for the homeless in the Upper Highway. Change comes when people know they are loved and cared for. When we have this shelter we believe this is where we can offer teaching and get to know the potential in people. Our desire is to see addictions broken through the power of Jesus and see testimonies come from these restored lives.






These are some important notices for those interested in Highway Christian Community's ministry: