Partnering with us

Partnering with us

Christians should be generous people, because God is a generous God. God gave according to the world’s need, and we should give according to our church family’s need.
It is in our nature as children of God to be generous.
We should be led by the Holy Spirit in how much to give, but that amount could be 5%, it could 90%, whatever Holy Spirit leads us into.
We believe there should be an active partnership in our local church to whom we are committed. And generous mindsets always create faithful, responsible, and wealthy mindsets. (The principle of sowing and reaping.)
“Not giving” will not bring a curse on us, because Jesus bore all curses upon Himself on our behalf. But if we aren’t giving, we need to ask ourselves “why not?” How much faith do we really have in our Loving Father? And are we walking in the Spirit?


Account Holder: Highway Christian Community
Account Number: 053102495
Branch Code: 045426
Account Type:  Current
Bank: Standard Bank
Reference:  Partnership


Account Holder: Highway Christian Community
Account Number: 257 80 90 90
Branch Code: 045426
Account Type:  Savings
Bank: Standard Bank
Reference:  BONDBUST

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