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Creating work for the homeless:

WOW was started after Christmas 2017 when we had the privilege of feeding the homeless in Pinetown for a month. We stepped out in faith to see Gods provision flow in a way none of us had anticipated. After the Christmas period when the other feeding schemes opened again we stopped our feeding. The homeless however to this day have not stopped coming to our church for food and prayer.

There is a ministry at HCC Church called Gods cupboard. With the food available in this cupboard we realised we could give a person food in return for a days work. We asked some homeless people if they would work for a parcel of food and we got a resounding yes. Since then we have been offering Work on Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday at 8:00am we offer them coffee /tea and a sandwich. They then start work by 9am and work till 3pm. For the day’s work we give them a packet of food (R150 worth) – They also get a lunch and 2 tea breaks and we minister to them and pray for those who request it.

We have men and woman that come and work. At the moment the men work cutting down overgrown bush and clearing weeds. The woman pick up litter in the area. We have also started a sewing ministry through WOW and are looking at other avenues to create work. . The men and women receive the same packet of food.

The challenges we have – we can’t always give them work because we run out of finances to buy the food. Our church raises about R4000 a month for this – that makes about 26 parcels. So far with this group we have cleared a whole area along the railway line by our church that we are hoping to farm veggies with. By clearing this area people are feeling safer as there is less place for perpetrators to hide.

Sponsor a street through WOW

If you are tired of seeing your street full of litter – sponsor your street and we will incorporate your street into our WOW initiative. In this way you will feed the homeless and give them dignity through work.  This will also stop begging at robots and loitering. Speak to your neighbours and lets make this  a community driven project.








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