Rediscovering the Gospel of Grace: A Personal Journey of Transformation

Rediscovering the Gospel of Grace

After twenty years in the ministry, I had a rude awakening. I realized that I had been mixing the Covenant of Law into the Gospel of Grace. I was sincerely doing my best to preach the Gospel as best as I knew how. But I confused the covenants that God made with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. I spent years teaching that God’s blessing is proportional to our fulfilling certain conditions. Year in and year out, I preached “What you should be” and “What you shouldn’t do”… “Ten things you should do to get God to bless you”… “Pray harder, longer, louder”… “Twist His arm with a 21-day fast”….

Now, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that God’s blessing comes solely because Jesus fulfilled the conditions for me. At the Cross, Jesus cried out, “It is finished.” The Greek phrase used there is “tetelestai,” meaning “paid in full.” This is a financial term, meaning that no debt remains outstanding.

Many attending church religiously every week have no idea what was accomplished on the Cross. You will never enjoy your inheritance when you remain ignorant of what is rightfully yours.

Breaking the Chains of Legalism

For many years, I, like countless others, was ensnared in the web of legalism. The idea that I needed to perform certain actions and adhere to a strict set of rules to earn God’s favor and blessings had become ingrained in my theology. I was not alone in this misconception, as many individuals and congregations find themselves entangled in a similar web.

The reality is that the Covenant of Law, established with Moses and characterized by a system of rules and regulations, should not be confused with the Gospel of Grace, embodied by the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In my journey of transformation, I came to understand that the Gospel of Grace is fundamentally different. It proclaims that God’s blessings are not earned through our efforts, but rather bestowed freely because Jesus fulfilled all the conditions for us. As He declared on the Cross, “It is finished,” signifying that our debts have been fully paid.

Rediscovering the True Gospel

Rediscovering the Gospel of Grace was a profound turning point in my life and ministry. It meant shifting my focus from “What you should be” and “What you shouldn’t do” to embracing the liberating truth that God’s blessings are not contingent upon our performance. Instead, they flow from the finished work of Jesus Christ.

The Greek term “tetelestai,” which translates to “paid in full,” holds great significance. It signifies that there is no longer any outstanding debt between us and God. In Christ, we are reconciled, and we are free from the burden of striving to earn His favor. This realization was a game-changer for me and for all those who embraced this message of grace.

Embracing Your Inheritance

One of the tragedies in the church today is that many well-intentioned believers remain ignorant of the richness of their inheritance in Christ. To fully enjoy the blessings that God has lavishly poured out, it is essential to understand the completed work of Jesus on the Cross. Ignorance of our rights and privileges in Christ hinders us from living the abundant life that He promised.

In conclusion, 

my journey of transformation from mixing the Covenant of Law with the Gospel of Grace to embracing the pure message of God’s unmerited favor has been both humbling and liberating. It is my hope that this revelation can be a source of freedom and joy for all who hear it. As you grasp the truth that “it is finished,” may you step into the fullness of your inheritance in Christ, enjoying His blessings and grace without the heavy burden of striving and self-effort. The Gospel of Grace is a message of freedom and restoration, and it is a truth that should resonate in the hearts of believers worldwide.

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