Embark on a transformative journey of rediscovering the Gospel of Grace with Steve. After two decades in ministry, he shares a powerful revelation, breaking free from legalism. Explore the profound difference between the Covenant of Law and the Gospel of Grace, understanding that blessings come freely through Jesus’ finished work on the Cross.

Rediscovering the Gospel of Grace: A Personal Journey of Transformation
A lifetime Journey.

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In a world burdened by religious legalism, where guilt, condemnation, and shame suffocate the joy of believers, it is time to embrace a transformative message.

The message of Grace is powerful and transformative, but it doesn’t always receive the unanimous applause we might expect. As I embarked on sharing this Good News, I quickly realized that people’s responses varied widely. Some embraced it with open arms, while others struggled to grasp its depth.

Unlock the profound simplicity of God’s grace! Explore the central message of the Bible, learning to articulate it clearly. Teach others to study with childlike curiosity and share the transformative power of God’s love. Discover the joy of finding the right words to convey the incredible message of redemption and hope.

The question “What happened to you?” can be a powerful one, especially when asked by someone close to you, like your spouse. It can spark introspection and lead to profound revelations. For me, it led to a revelation of the Good News of Grace.

We all understand the importance of immersing ourselves in God’s Word. However, it’s not just about reading the Bible cover to cover; it’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to illuminate its teachings and apply them to our lives. Often, the profound messages within the scriptures can remain elusive or misinterpreted. To truly grasp the Word, we need to slow down, engage with the Holy Spirit, and ask the right questions on our spiritual journey

Practical Guide to read your Bible