JUNE 2020

by Steve Wheeler
21st  June 2020

John the Baptist was deemed the greatest born of women, however he is the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. What makes a born-again Christian greater than John the Baptist?

by Steve Wheeler
28 June 2020

God was known as Holy, Powerful, God of Abraham, but never as Father until Jesus's theology which is now possible for all who believe in Jesus to become citizens of Heaven.

by Steve Wheeler
7th June 2020

We discover in this session our ability to lock or unlock the Kingdom of God, is build on the revelation of Jesus Christ and who He is and who we are in Him.

by Steve Wheeler
14 June 2020

Jesus never taught on church but He did teach on the Kingdom of God/Heaven. He taught about different Keys of the Kingdom that open or lock up doors.

MAY 2020

by Steve Wheeler
24 May  2020

Since the time of John the Baptist, the good news of the Kingdom is that God is going to reign not through man's effort but through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

by Steve Wheeler
31 May  2020

In building a house the foundation is the most important starting place because if it goes wrong there it's gonna go wrong for the rest of the building.

by Steve Wheeler
10 May  2020

Jesus didn't build His church on good times, He said that He would build His Church. The Church is rising up and will never be the same again. He is still building His Church.

by Steve Wheeler
17 May  2020

Jesus demonstrated perfect love. He said, "As I have loved you, so so shall you love one another." The very ethos or culture of this ecclesia is a place where we learn how to love one another.

APRIL 2020

by Steve Wheeler
19 April  2020

Jesus made use of Roman Empires' common expression and culture witch his Disciples were familiar to establish His Government on the Earth.

by Steve Wheeler
26 April  2020

The Ecclesia was deliberately used by Jesus, because Jesus was not about building on any man made religion but He was about building God's Kingdom and His Church.

By Steve Wheeler and the Leaders
10 April  2020

During LOCKDOWN in 2020 Good Friday was celebrated within the houses, but the Champions of Highway send through video messages of encouragements, ending with Steve and Janet Wheeler's final encouraging word to Highway Community Church.

by Rob Rufas - LIVE
12 April  2020

The resurrection of Christ is an activation for the Christians, believers in Christ, to keep growing higher and higher in levels of the supernatural demonstration of God. It is not to be stuck nor stagnant because of the traditions of men who want to get us stuck with religious calendars or stuck with ideas of traditions of legalism.