Week 1- Holy Spirit

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  1. As we begin this series on the Holy Spirit, ask the question:


  1. Who has been baptized in the Spirit?
  2. Who would like to share how that happened?


  1. Four Foundational premises


1)… When we were born again we received Holy Spirit (Rom 8:9-10)

  • One baptism, many fillings.


2)… The Holy Spirit is a Person (See attached)

  • Please don’t try read all the scriptures. (Rather let those who are interested to study further, download notes off website).


3)… The Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit

  • This is the greatest Gift Father could give his children– Himself!


4)… We can’t give away what we don’t have

  • We need our own personal revelation of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit before we can ‘pass-it-on’ to others.


  1. Read and note the key words in the following passages:


  1. John 7: 37 Streams of Living Water:
  • Thirst, come, drink, believe


  1. Lk 11:9-13 Father gives good gifts to those who ask:
  • His Spirit


Are you thirsty and asking for more of what Father has for you?


  1. Prayer


Ask God to give you a heart that can humbly and gratefully receive the most awesome gift He has to give His children!


  • Pray for each other
  • Pray for the people you are trusting to get born-again this year
  • Pray for the opportunity to share this wonderful gift with other believers


Holy Spirit has the qualities of a Person; He’s not just a power or influence


  • Intelligence             Rom 8:27
  • Will             1 Co 12:11
  • Knowledge             1 Co 2:11
  • Affection                         Rom 5:5; 15:30
  • Spoke             Act 8:29
  • Commands             Act 11:12
  • Calls                         Act 13:2
  • Sends             Act 13:4
  • Restrains             Act 16:6
  • Invites             Rev 22:17
  • Strives             Gen 6:3
  • Speaks             Rev 2:7,11
  • Can be blasphemed Mat 12:31
  • Can be grieved Ep 4:30
  • Can be quenched 1 Thes 5:19
  • Can be lied to Act 5:3
  • Can be insulted Heb 10:29
  • Can be resisted Act 7:51
  • Can be tested Act 5:9


Attributes of Deity:


  • All knowing Is 40:13; 1 Co 2:10-11
  • All Present Ps 139:7-8; Jn 14:17
  • All Powerful Ps 104:30; Zec 4:6
  • Eternal Heb 9:14
  • Holy Rom 1:4


Scripture speaks interchangeably of God and the Holy Spirit (see, Jer 31: 31 / Heb 10:15; Isaiah 6: 8-9 /Act 28:25)



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