A lifetime Journey.

A Life-Changing Journey- Embracing the Gospel of Grace


Our church has been on an incredible journey, and it has revolutionized our understanding of the Gospel of Grace. This revelation has transformed how we see ourselves in Christ and has brought about significant changes in our approach to church, spiritual disciplines, preaching, and leadership.

The Transformative Impact

As we delve deeper into the message of grace, we are witnessing its life-changing impact. We now experience a newfound freedom to embrace our true identity in Christ. Many individuals have shared with me their renewed passion and revelation while reading the Bible. The Gospel of Grace has instilled in us a boldness to trust our Father and demonstrate His Kingdom here on earth.

Powerful testimonies are emerging from those who have embraced the message of Undeserved Favor and are reaching out to the lost. Our church community has experienced a shift away from a performance-oriented mindset, and instead, unsaved individuals entering our meetings are greeted with love and unconditional acceptance.

A Guilt-Free Relationship

Through the Gospel of Grace, we have cultivated a guilt-free relationship with our Heavenly Father. We now anticipate and witness greater manifestations of His power and goodness because of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross for us.

Challenges and Growth

Like any journey, we have faced trials, disappointments, and misunderstandings along the way. We acknowledge that mistakes were made in our language and expressions of exuberance. At times, we may have swung the pendulum too far, resulting in more questions than answers. In this blog, I will address many of these challenges and provide insights gained from hindsight.

Continuing the Journey

As Andrew Wommack wisely said, “We haven’t arrived yet, but we have left.” Although there are aspects we would approach differently given the chance, we are grateful for God’s grace that has brought us to where we are today. Our journey is ongoing, and we are steadfastly moving in the direction of embracing the amazing grace of God.


Our experience with the Gospel of Grace has been truly transformative. It has reshaped our understanding of ourselves, our relationship with God, and our purpose as a church. Through this journey, we have encountered freedom, renewed passion for the Scriptures, and a greater boldness to share the message of grace with others. Despite the challenges and mistakes we’ve encountered, we press forward, fueled by God’s unwavering grace, as we continue to embrace the path of Amazing Grace.

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