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Dear HCC family,


I invite you to pray this prayer with me today…


“Firstly, Lord, I know that YOUR PERSPECTIVE of what is happening on this planet is the correct view. Help me line my perspective up with YOUR perspective.

You love every person I will come into contact with today, so I will see them as being loved by YOU.

You are not anxious about what’s happening around me, therefore, I am at peace right in the middle of what is happening around me.

You say ‘More Are Those Who Are For You (me) Than Those Who Are Against You (me)’!

Today I see YOU bigger than any fear, negativity, depression that comes against me!– OR, those around me.”


 “Secondly, Lord, I want to live an EXPECTANT LIFE. You have planned some very exciting things for my life! Beginning today I expect to see miracles in my life! There are unexpected surprises, blessing and favor coming my way! (and on the lives of those around me).

This is not merely ‘positive thinking’. No! this truth is based on YOUR undeserved grace and kindness toward your children. It is not even based on my performance, but on Christ’s!

Today I am the most positive person I have ever met! …. Because I believe you can do ‘Abundantly Above All I Ask Or Think’!”


“Thirdly, Lord, help me to keep GROWING.  I know that anything that is not growing is dying. I believe I have many fruitful years ahead. So, thank you for the new things I am going to learn– beginning today. New things that will stretch me, and in the process will increase, develop and advance me. I know that nothing can grow without experiencing change, and change brings with it challenges, so help me to embrace these challenges as opportunities to stretch and learn new things. Indeed, ‘I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me’!”


I declare these things over my life in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Much love

Steve and Janet



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