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Dear HCC


Firstly, let me wish you a fantastic, and INCREDIBLY BLESSED 2018!!


Secondly, I would like to say Janet and I have just returned from the longest and most rejuvenating break since we came to Highway 22 years ago– 7 weeks long! Wow, it has flown! It has been hugely relaxing and unwinding.


A big thanks to all those who stepped in and made things happen in our absence (not that we have ever been deluded into thinking we make things happen). Thank you!


We took a break from Sunday ministry, but obviously we take ourselves with us wherever we go, so we had some interesting ministry encounters with people. One of these was with a family who were once very involved in ministry. At some point, they got ‘stuck’, ‘jammed’, ‘trapped’.


This conversation, and many others like it, has made me acutely aware of how many Christians feel TRAPPED in some area. This is true financially, relationally, health, and also spiritually.


This coming Sunday, I want to share some practical things, that if practiced, I believe can end the season of feeling spiritually stuck.


I have also taken a break from all things digital– including blogging.

Blogging is a great way to share encouragement, challenges and insights during the week in-between meeting on Sunday.

My blog will continue, but with a slight adjustment: it is going to underline the central theme our church is going to follow this coming year (and into the future) concerning our primary purpose to make disciples. And I’m looking forward to the journey!!


It has often been said, “This is going to be our best year, ever!”. Well, I’m saying it again– only with more enthusiasm and passion than before!!


Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! (Don’t run away until you have at least shaken my hand for the first time since last year:-).


Tons of love!


Steve and Janet


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