Living in The Blessing

Living in the Blessing: Embracing Spiritual Insight for Everyday Life

Understanding Divine Favor

Recently,  I was struck by the profound concept of living in divine favour, a state where we, as believers, can confidently recognize and embrace the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. These blessings are neither presumptive nor arrogant but a rightful expression of gratitude and faith. By starting each day with a heart full of thanksgiving, we can truly appreciate the small miracles in our lives—whether it’s enjoying a simple breakfast or the convenience of modern appliances like the air fryer.

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Blessing

I found anecdotes particularly relatable. For example, savouring yoghurt with banana and nuts or appreciating a hot shower—these everyday moments highlighted the importance of recognizing God’s favour in our daily lives. This mindset encourages us to boast not in ourselves, but in the Lord, honouring Him for the abundance we experience. Even in seemingly trivial tasks, like preparing for the day or managing household chores, there’s a profound sense of living under God’s favour that transforms these activities into acts of worship and gratitude.

Renewing the Mind: Embracing Spiritual Perception

Our focus needs to be on renewing our minds and growing in spiritual perception. As believers, we are called to see and hear in the spirit, moving beyond mere physical senses. This growth parallels our journey from spiritual infancy to maturity, where, like Jesus, we begin to perceive the deeper truths and intentions in our surroundings. By intentionally listening to and discerning from the spirit, we can navigate life with a divine perspective that surpasses natural understanding.

Transforming Atmospheres: Agents of Kingdom Change

One of the most powerful insights I took away from Cathrine Cilliers was the concept of being intentional atmosphere changers. We carry the kingdom of God within us, bringing righteousness, peace, and joy into every situation we encounter. When faced with environments of heaviness or depression, I realized that these feelings might not originate from us but could be spiritual conditions we are called to address. By acknowledging our role as carriers of God’s presence, we can actively shift atmospheres, bringing light and hope into darkness.

Navigating Challenges with Spiritual Resilience

In my sermon on Sunday, I shared my experiences with everyday frustrations, such as the bureaucratic hassle of renewing a driver’s license. . These anecdotes highlighted the importance of maintaining a spirit-led attitude even in mundane or challenging circumstances. Instead of reacting with frustration or anger, I am called to respond with empathy, recognizing that everyone I encounter is facing their battles. This approach not only transforms my experiences but also aligns me more closely with God’s heart for compassion and grace.

Anchored in Divine Favor

 I feel a collective sense of empowerment and purpose. We are reminded that living in God’s favour means more than just experiencing blessings; it involves actively participating in His kingdom work. By embracing our identity as favoured children of God, we are equipped to face life’s challenges with resilience and hope. This perspective allows us to move from crisis management to living in a state of continuous blessing and favour.

Conclusion: Stepping into Fullness

Reflecting on this wisdom, I am encouraged to fully embrace my divine inheritance. Let us intentionally cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude, spiritual perception, and atmosphere-changing presence. As we go forth, may we carry the assurance that we are blessed beyond measure, equipped to bring God’s kingdom into every aspect of our lives. Amen.

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