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A Revelation of the Good News of Grace


The question “What happened to you?” can be a powerful one, especially when asked by someone close to you, like your spouse. It can spark introspection and lead to profound revelations. For me, it led to a revelation of the Good News of Grace.

Rediscovering Grace

As a Christian, I have always believed in the importance of grace. It is, after all, at the heart of the Gospel message. But like many others, I had unknowingly allowed legalism to creep into my faith. It happened gradually, without me even realizing it. And before I knew it, I had lost my joy.

The Turning Point

I remember the moment when my wife asked me what had happened to me. At first, I didn’t know how to answer. But as I thought about it, I realized that I had been overwhelmed by God’s grace. I had rediscovered the power of the Gospel message and the unchangeable approval of God over my life.

A Familiar Transformation

This wasn’t the first time I had experienced such a transformation. When I was first Born Again, the message of God’s grace had spoken to me in a powerful way. But over time, I had let legalism and performance-based thinking take over.

The Essence of Grace

The Essence of Grace

I realized that grace is not just an important aspect of the Gospel message, it is the essence of it. Without grace, Christianity can become just another legalistic religion. And when we lose sight of grace, we lose our joy.

Rediscovering the Joy of Grace

But rediscovering grace is a game-changer. It has brought back the joy and freedom that I had been missing. It has allowed me to experience God’s love in a whole new way. And it has reminded me that God’s grace is not something we earn or deserve, but something freely given to us.


If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your joy or your first love, take a moment to reflect on the message of grace. Let it sink in and transform you from the inside out. Remember that God’s grace is unchangeable and that it is the heart of the Gospel message. And may you too experience the joy of rediscovering grace.

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