The Role of Steve and the Consult Team in Upholding Biblical Integrity within the Church

Steve,  leads a dedicated team of individuals known as the Consult Team within the church community. Committed to upholding the biblical foundation and ensuring the smooth functioning of the church, Steve and his team play a crucial role in providing spiritual guidance and oversight.


Church Structure

The Consult Team, under Steve’s guidance, functions as a group of advisors and overseers who work collaboratively to review and assess the direction of the church. They meticulously examine the doctrine to ensure its alignment with biblical teachings, fostering a community that adheres to sound Christian principles.

 In essence, Steve, and his Consult Team serve as guardians of the church’s spiritual integrity, dedicated to fostering an environment where the teachings and practices align with the teachings of the Bible, ensuring the church’s continued growth and flourishing.


Our Consult Team

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