By The Word of Their Testimony

Worship God, because the testimony about Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

When one testifies to the goodness of God, and what Jesus Christ we prophecy that it can happen again. We worship God, because of His goodness and mercy towards us. 

Healing Testimonies

Bernice had a stroke that left her with not the same ever again. However She testifies to what happened after Tamlyn prayed for her one Sunday morning.

You would not want to meet this guy in a dark ally on his best day. At his lowest point where all of his dark decisions came back for vengengions. The love of God, not only healed him physically, but made him into a new person.

Jullian testifies how a work injury caused a spine problem, where he suffered for many months. He testifies how God healed his back.

Jill testifies about when Mark prayed, and she didn’t immediately feel that she had been healed and after a couple of days she suddenly realizes that she has been healed.

Reg , no stranger to those who attend Highway Christian Community shares a testimony where Charmain, his wife was hospitalized because of a heart attack, and how he put into practice what he learned at a Hands-On Biblical Healing seminar.

Liesel testifies about the time when Tamlyn Ellis prayed for her arm, and how perseverance is a major contributor to receiving healing.

A few years ago Kirshnie had a bad car accident and God miraculously kept her safe from harm’s way. However, a few years ago she realized that even though she was saved she was not left undamaged. She was in so much pain she could not even pick up her arm.

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